Julie Anne Colibri, MSW

I possess a Master of Social Work degree, summa cum laude, Metropolitan State University of Denver.  My work experience has involved providing direct case management, motivational interviewing, and counseling services in healthcare and university settings to clients and their families; teaching and leading discussions for small and large groups of lay and professional audiences; developing educational materials and conducting trainings for medical and mental health professionals; and legislative advocacy work that led to the passage of important mental health law in Colorado.  My Bachelor of Science degrees are in Psychology, Brigham Young University, and Mass Communication, Public Relations emphasis, cum laude, University of Utah.  My education, training, and personal experience have given me the skills and insights necessary to help clients effectively as they navigate their own process of recovery, and also train the service professionals who support them.  I was born and raised in a high-demand/high-control group and have been through the process of leaving and recovering.  I understand the difficulties, pitfalls, and joys of recovery.  Discovering or reconnecting with your true authentic self is at the core of the journey.  A life of daily meaningful activities, joy and pleasure is our birthright.

What I OfferI am skilled at short-term interventional counseling and therapeutic support group facilitation.  I also have keen listening and reflecting skills, and my teaching style is highly engaging and authentic.  Some of my gifts include my ability to put people at ease while communicating with candor and an attitude that reflects deep respect for people and their infinite worth.  My belief is that we each incarnate into this life to develop our capacities of discernment, experience and grow in self-love and love of others, know joy and peace, and accomplish those things that truly suit our unique interests, desires, and talents.

Healing Can Take Time

People's cultic experiences and their impacts can vary greatly.  The length of time in a destructive mind control group, the intensity of the indoctrination, along with the degree of abuse that was inflicted, each contribute to the degree of harm and the psychological, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual damage that can occur.  However,  recovering from destructive mind control and destructive groups can happen with time, support, effort and good self-care.  Individuals matter, despite what you might have learned as a result of the "group think" that you were taught and rewarded for conforming to.


An Ordinary Mormon Life

As of May 2016, I am working on a book proposal with an exceptional writing coach for my forthcoming memoir, The Disposable Daughter: An Ordinary Mormon Life.  It’s the riveting and extraordinarily well-documented story of my recovery from incest and of my recovery from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I reconnected with completely suppressed abuse memories while delivering my child in the 1990’s. I was in active recovery for many years.  In 2001, I felt compelled to move to Salt Lake City.  Living in the epicenter of the Mormon universe for several years forced me to confront and work through the brainwashing, denial, myths and lies that I was raised on while growing up LDS.

Sexual abuse is rampant in the LDS Church; and it’s just one of many human rights abuses that the organization both fosters and condones.  Please watch for updates on this website as my memoir project morphs from manuscript proposal to completed book in widespread distribution!




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